In an effort to help patients utilize insurance benefits, we accept most insurance companies. Below is a list of providers that we are currently in-network with:
  • Blue Cross – PPO
  • PacificSource
  • Medicare (most Medicare Advantage not accepted)
  • PacificSource Medicare Advantage
  • Cigna
  • Select Health

Not in-network with your insurance?

Unless your deductible has been met, there is typically no difference in the coverage that your insurance provides. We will still bill your insurance to help work towards your deductible. When the “out of network” portion of that deductible has also been met, your insurance provider will then help pay for costs of care for any remaining visits that they allow. For more info visit our FAQs page.

Don’t have insurance?

Our in-house health plan is typically around the same cost that a co-pay would be and in some cases, it is actually cheaper than using insurance. This option also allows the flexibility to tailor your healthcare more towards your needs without third-party insurance companies deciding what treatment you may or may not receive.

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